Asian Countries

Table 4. Asbestos bans in 10 Asian countries.

Country Crocidolite Amosite Chrysotile
China Yes No No
Indonesia NR NR No
Japan Yes Yes No
Korea Yes NR No
Malaysia Yes No No
Philippines Yes Yes No
Singapore Yes Yes No
Taiwan Yes Yes No
Thailand Yes Yes No
Vietnam No No No

Table 5. Asbestos consumption in 10 Asian countries.


Current consumption


Recent trend
China 0.4 Increase
Indonesia 0.3 Increase
Japan 0.0 Decrease
Korea 0.5 Decrease
Malaysia 0.9 Plateau
Philippines {less than or equal to} 0.1 Increase
Singapore 0 Decrease
Taiwan 0.2 Decrease 
Thailand 1.9 Increase


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